4 Best Online Image Optimizer Tools

Image compressor Tool
Whenever you are struggling with the image size in your website being unmanageable due to its large size, you can opt for image optimization tools. These tools will help you to adjust the image to the best fit size as per your requirement.   There are so many tools available online which you can use to optimize the images, however, we have brought the 4 tools available on our website https://freeimgtools.com, which are best among them and icing on the cake is that these tools are absolutely free for you, all of them available on above mentioned one single website. So without much ado, let’s know which are these tools and where would you find them.  

Image Compressor

You would be aware that when you want to send a big image file as an attachment in email, very often you would need to reduce the size of that file. This Image Compressor tool will be very handy for you in doing this. You will even find the bulk Image Compressor tool here which will help you in reducing the size of multiple images (in PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF formats).   Please ensure that you do not compress too much and find a perfect balance so that quality of that image is not sacrificed. More you compress, the less will be the image quality.  

Image Converter

On this website freeimgtools.com, you can seamlessly convert the image type to another format. You may need to convert the image to another format if you want to use a certain application or a software which allows an image file of only a particular type. This is an easy to use and flexible way of converting the image and here you can convert multiple photos simultaneously.  

Image resizer

As the name of this tool is self-explanatory, you can resize your image file by using this tool on the website freeimgtools.com. Major benefit of using this image resizer tool is that you can use it to resize even those files which are with unsupported file formats. You can maintain the appropriate proportion while resizing the images with this tool and find a perfect balance.  

GIF maker

With the help of this fantastic tool, you can combine multiple GIF images and make an animation file. For doing this, you would need to make sure that each of the image files which you are combining, should also be a GIF file. It looks very different and stylish as compared to the video when this kind of animation file is played.   So you can see that you get the best image optimization tools on this website while maintaining the optimum image quality. These are easy to use and flexible tools as you can simply drag and drop your single or multiple files from your device to this website to use these tools. Optimized files are immediately available to be used by you, once you download it after the optimization is completed.

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