How to resize image pixels online

How to resize image pixels online
How to resize image pixels online

There are times when you would have to resize an image to make it fit to upload as per requirements on certain websites, so we have brought the best ways how you can easily resize the image pixels online.

What are pixels and how to change the pixel size?

Pixel (also called a picture element) is the smallest unit in a digital image, so you can say, every photograph which can be seen in a digital form is made up of pixels. That is why, more would be the number of pixels per inch (PPI) in an image, more will be its resolution and hence better would be the resolution of that image. Changing the pixel size means changing the dimensions of the image. By simply changing the dimensions of pixels and resizing the image, you can make the size of the image smaller or larger without cutting or deleting anything from that image.

Image resizing through conventional ways

In most of the image editing software available currently, you can simply drag the double headed pointer to make the image smaller or bigger. However, there are certain limitations of the limited number of features available in them and also some paid software are very pricey and you may end up spending money which you would prefer to lie safely in your bank account.

Benefits of using smart image resizer available on freeimgtools website

It is very simple to use this smart image resizer available on this website FreeImgTools. To upload a file for resizing, you can select image/s from your device or drag and drop your file/s in this image resizer. Here, you can also choose the smart option of uploading and resizing multiple files in bulk at one go. Specify the aspect ratio into which you want it to be resized. Here, you can resize the images by maintaining the aspect ratio or even without it. Once you have resized the image/s to the correct ratio, you can download the resized image/s into the target folder in your hard drive,

What are the benefits of Resizing Images Online?

This tool on the freeimgtools website is a free tool which is a smart option as it is not only free but it gives you flexibility to use it anywhere instantly, also saves your time. Biggest benefit is that you would find that the quality of these resized images were also maintained like the original. Another major benefit is that you would need to use a large space on your laptop to install an offline image editor whereas since this above mentioned resizing tool is available online, you don’t have to use any space on your hard drive for the tool as it is available online. It is so easy to use that even if you are a beginner for resizing images, you would still be able to do it easily.   Try this free image resizing tool on the freeimgtools website to check how easy and convenient it is to use this tool and also saves your time. Don’t compromise on quality and still resize the image to your required size with the help of this amazing free tool.

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