How To Resize Images in Bulk Online

Image compressor Tool
Do you want to resize images in bulk online? Then you are exactly at the right place. Freeimgtools provides its users an efficient method to resize Images in bulk. Resizing images online means reducing the size of images in JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG formats, in Kilobytes. Resizing simply means to adjust the size of an image according to the need of the application or for whatever purpose it is being resized. Resizing allows cutting, cropping or modifying the size of an image to make it fit for the usage. Free IMG tools is a free image resizing tool which resizes the images online in bulk. Freeimgtools makes sure that while resizing the image the quality of image is not disturbed or compromised.

Why do we need to resize an image?

The images we use or download from any external source are not always in the correct size. Therefore, resizing image is really important. Also, when you upload an image on a website where you are required to, it may have various criteria before uploading specially about the size of the image, freeimgtools helps you here to resize your images online in a much easier way. Freeimgtools.com is very easy to use and is user friendly.

The process of resizing an image

When the images are not of the appropriate size, we resize the image. Freeimgtools.com helps in resizing all types of images like JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG images into the desired size. To resize your image using freeimgtools you need to follow the following process:

Privacy Policy of freeimgtools.com

Freeimgtools.com clearly states that their main and the topmost priority is the privacy of their visitors. All uploaded files are deleted immediately from the server after getting downloaded on user's browser. Other tools offered by us are:

Image Compressor: Freeimgtools can be used to compress the image that is to reduce image size without compromising on the quality of the image. You can also compress bulk images online with the help of this tool.
Image Converter: Images can be converted with the help of this tool. Conversion of image here means that you can convert one image file format to another. To be more precise the images in the JPG, PNG, BNP, webP file format can be converted to any JPG, PNG, BMP, webP format.
GIF maker: This tool allows you to create GIFs from images. Creating GIFs using this tool is very much easy.

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