Advantages of using GIF images for Brand Promotion

Advantages of using GIF images for Brand Promotion
GIF has become the calling card of modern Internet culture. Businesses – large and small – have adopted this file format and use it to communicate their messages online. Many savvy businesses, for example, edit, rearrange, or combine one or more video sources to create an absurd juxtaposition intentionally designed to emphasize a small detail or a quick video commentary. If you use WhatsApp, Facebook, then you must have seen some moving pictures which are of only a few seconds on the Internet. But can you tell us what is this type of Image Format called? Let us tell you that this Image Format is called GIF. Generally people use GIF to present things creatively. Just like with emoji, using GIFs can make things fun and creative.

What are the advantage of GIF’s?

Let us know about some advantages of GIF Below.
  1. Comparing with other file formats, one of the prime advantage of using GIF is the size which can be comparatively smaller.
  1. It helps in giving a highly advanced look to a particular website having animation over a diverse background.
  1. It can display movements and emotions that can’t be feasible for a well-organized image.
  1. GIF are suitable with a restricted amount of colors for sharp-edged line art such as a logo.
  1. It uses LZW technology for data compression so there is no fear of data loss and it favors flat areas of uniform color with well defined edges.
  1. It can be used for small animations and low resolution movie clips and games.
  1. GIF is considered suitable for creative minds like people.
  1. It supports transparent background so it can be used to mix GIF files with website background colors.
In addition to using GIFs as a medium for comedic effect and a fun way to showcase company culture, many brands and creative agencies commonly create GIFs that contain commercial messages and innocuous advertising, such as Banners and Leaderboards.   Even a smooth product 360-rotation demo can be a highly effective animation. It helps to clarify the product design and generate interest.   In addition, the GIF file format is supported by almost all web browsers and Apple's iOS supports GIF, but not its rival Flash. That's why GIFs have become popular with brand marketing on social media, news media, and the mobile web. A looping GIF that's perfectly embedded in an article and published in just the right places can deliver your message powerfully.   Many image editing programs such as Freeimgtools.com and Microsoft GIF Animator can be used to create simple animated GIFs that spread short company videos or messages on the web.  

How GIF can add more value to your business?

GIFs are easily shareable.
GIFs show you're paying attention to trends.
GIF shows off your funny side.
A GIF can add more context or emotion to a smaller message.

When should I use GIFs?


These animated GIF wonders bring a dose of entertainment to your timeline. Not only will they keep your audience engaged, but they'll also keep your brand from appearing too serious. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, develop a brand personality or create more viral content, here's how you can do it with GIFs:

1) Showcase your products
GIFs are dynamic, which allows them to show detail and motion that just still photos can't. Animation allows for an important occasion to highlight a key function or feature of your product.

2) Set your posts
One way to use GIFs is to increase your social media engagement. Making it feel more like a game than a social media post can make it fun for you to have someone to respond to or participate in.

3) Provide visual instructions
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a GIF worth? Whether for how-to, step-by-step tutorials or recipes, they are a great way to instruct your audience. Since they loop forever, your followers can watch as many times as they need to fully understand.

4) Go viral with relevant content
It's easy to relate to GIFs, which also translates to shadowbanship on social media. Every social network now makes visual content huge in News Feed, so people are more likely to notice your content and share it.

5) Animate your data
This is a great way to depict your data in a very illustrative form. Use GIFs to add some color and movement to normally dull statistics.

6) Provide a Glimpse
Want to build excitement for a future product or your next video release? A small sized GIF teaser is perfect for this.

7) Share content that brings smiles
GIFs, like other social posts, shouldn't always be about conversions or sales. We suggest that you share some cool stuff once in a while to entertain your audience. This is a really good exercise to stay connected with your audience and increase engagement.

8) Reply in style
If you want to come across as approachable, positive, and direct, GIFs are the perfect way to respond to your users on social media. If you ever run out of words or emoji, GIFs are a great way to reply to any comment, post or tweet.

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